PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF 1 OCTOBER 2021 - If you are one of the professional, semi professional or student trainee circus community that book to use our Open Training provisions, and you a18 years of age, or over.  The first £5 of your first booking on or after this date annually, will be utilised as a 'membership'fee in relation to our parent charity Cirque du Ciel (CdC).  This gives you the opportunity to attend our Annual General Meeting and have your opinions and ideas heard in relation to what other projects and provisions both CdC and the Circus Works Devoran can make happen going forward.

Of course if you do not want to become a member just drop us a message via the contact form on our contact page and you can opt out that easily.  Otherwise you need do nothing, CdC's amazing Secretary provides you with plenty of notice re our AGM, a month minimum.  Plus you'll get fabulous newsletters and updates about what's going on, or upcoming.  Again just contact us to opt out of updates also.

We hope you'll want to join our existing membership, and we look forward to your input.

New for members who don't enroll through training is our non training member button, for easy annual enrollment. A warm welcome to you here.  You have the choice to book your annual membership in the form of a 1 hour appointment between 8.30am-9.30pm Mon - Fri, or via the annual membership plan option.


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