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We are grateful for every donation no matter how big or small, and we will use every penny wisely delivering

our provisions for and with the Cornish community. 

£1 buys 2 spinny plate sticks

£5 buys 5 tri-it juggling bean bags

£6 buys 6 sensory/juggling scarves

£7 buys a levi stick, a roll of aerial tape for wrapping equipment or a metre of rope

£8 buys 3 spinny plates and sticks

£12.50 buys 1 child a 1 hour session of circus skills or a play parachute

£15 buys 1 adult a 90 minute session of circus skills

£16 buys a bag of rosin for grip safety in training

£20 buys 1 child a 2 hour session of circus skills or 2 children 1 hour or a devil stick and control sticks

£20 buys 25 metres of diabolo string

£25 buys a 1-1 session for a special needs individual or a diabolo and sticks/ set of glow poi

£30 buys a private session for 1-2 individual or 1 carabina

£32 buys an aluminium hula hoop

£35 buys 3 juggling clubs or a ''rescue 8' for rigging aerial silks properly

£40 buys a new tyre for a unicycle or a single pulley for safety lines

£60 buys a double pulley for safety lines and block and tackle

£80 buys an acrobatic lunge safety belt

£100 buys a spreader bar

£130 buys a yoga hammock, sling rings and mounting carabina's

£150 buys an aerial hoop, a trapeze, or an elite teen's place for a Saturday masterclass

£160 buys a set of aerial silks or pays our electricity bill for a month

£200 buys a set of safety lines and pulleys for safe aerial, acrobatic and banquine safety

£250 buys an off or on site workshop for a small community centre, group, event or school

£270 buys a trapeze or a child's place in out of school or after school sessions for a whole term, or an

adults place in weekly session in any of our groups for 13 weeks

£1000 buys an offsite workshop for a school including a unique physics, maths, history or drama lesson

£2000 pays our rent and bills for 1 month or a circus show for a 1 day event with our freestanding rig

£3000 pays all our overheads at the Circus Works Devoran for 1 month or a circus show for a weekendd event

£5000 pays for a big top circus show in Cornwall

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