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Cirque de Ciel - supporting positive personal and social development with and for the community through the creative arts. 

Providing positive creative artistic and healthy learning, training, career, therapeutic and expressive opportunities for the people  of Cornwall.

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WE enrolled the help of Ms Maria Lundin Osvalds to help us document some of our work with young people since being able to re-open post pandemic in 2022, and it is with huge thanks to her, the young people involved and their families, that we are able to publish this content.

This collaborative project between Maria Lundin Osvalds (as part of her Master’s Degree in Documentary Photography at University at the Arts London) and the charity Cirque du Ciel (CdC), aimed to document how CdC creates social value for kids in rural and coastal Cornwall, and supports their personal, social and creative development.


CdC is a registered charity that facilitates project work using the Circus Arts for positive personal and social development, in youth, community and social contexts, working with adults and young people. CdC has provisions for youngsters in home education programs, or through after school programs for children attending school, via free elite teen training for those with the potential and the passion, if not the means to pursue a performing arts career.  CdC also provides adult learning, community hardship support, family friendly sessions, and both on and off site events, productions and workshops.


Initially, this joint project with Maria initially focused on the young homeschooled but naturally and organically grew to include the organisation's work with young adults aiming to show how many choose to continue participating and develop their circus skills.


This project documents the positive personal and social developments of kids participating in circus activities. CdC follow the work of researcher and social circus pioneer Reginald Bolton, which identified and evidenced the following positive benefits of utilising the circus arts in relation to young people: Aspiring to goals, enjoying and appreciating hard work, coping with failure, managing and mitigating risk, promoting and celebrating individuality, diversity, uniqueness,  contributing to teamwork and learning how to trust, and to support others.  Developing sensitivity and expression towards others and of the self, and of course the fun, joy and excitement that circus brings. Additionally, Maria found that there is a great sense of community among the participants, the teachers and the parents. 


On this page, you will find selected work from the project: 

  • Pictures from the kids from the homeschool program where they express how and what they feel about circus

  • Photographs by Maria Lundin Osvalds documenting the classes of the homeschooled kids

  • Collaborative films between Maria Lundin Osvalds and some of the older participants


For more information about the project and other enquiries, please contact Maria Lundin Osvalds or CdC.


Thanks to all who participated.

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