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'Next Gen' Youth Circus NEEDS YOUR VOTE!

Our incredible youth circus group Next Gen are in the running to win a whopping £26,000 from The National Lottery, ITV, UTV and The Sunday Mail. See our project video on the 6pm ITV Westcountry News this Thursday the 18th! Or get a sneak peak while you vote for us on the People's Projects website. Link for video and vote below. Please search and vote for 'Next Gen Circus Tour'.

The ‘Next Gen Circus Tour’ is a project that NEEDS YOUR ONLINE VOTES NOW! To support our youth circus group to fund their training & a spectacular circus tour from Cornwall’s Next Generation of incredibly talented circus artists. In a project for these young people to reach new heights, to give back to their local communities by bringing amazing shows & circus workshops to events big & small across the South West this year.


PLEASE SHARE FAR & WIDE! We would really appreciated it if you could take a minute to vote for the ‘Next Gen Circus Tour’ & share it with as many as you can (social media, contacts, family & friends). Thanks so much for your support & we hope to see you at festivals & events this summer!

Here's a video from Glastonbury Festival last year showing some of the extraordinary skills from Next Gen:

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